Yippee! Hooray! Wahoo! It’s been months in the making but our brand new brand and website design are finally here and ready to make their debut!

As a first-time entrepreneur, I had no idea how much strategy and work goes into building a cohesive brand. Everything from the name, the logo, the carefully crafted words and messaging, to the color palette and tiny details are meticulously decided upon to uphold the vision.

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I find it so fascinating that even the smallest of details many people won’t ever notice still play such a critical role in creating an environment that upholds the brand’s mission and vibe. I’m absolutely giddy and ecstatic and so proud to reveal the brand new Olive & Atlas Travel Design and can’t wait to hear what you think!

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Let’s first chat about the brand name, as I get asked about it all of the time. I wish there was some grand story or reason, but the truth is much more personal. When searching for a brand name for a travel business, of course, the first place you go is to common travel words and travel meanings.

But, I knew I didn’t want this brand to be common.

And so I thought about what inspires me. Where do I go when my eyes are closed? Where do I go in my daydreams? And that answer was simple:

I imagine myself back in my ancestral home of Southern Italy – breathing in the salty sea of the Mediterranean and indulging in the freshest, most flavorful of foods.

Isola Bella Sicily Mediterranean Med Sea Island

The Mediterranean is my travel nirvana. This part of the world is home to unique and yet, somehow, connected cultures. It is blessed with some of the most breathtaking landscapes in the world, the warmest people, and the most incredible cuisines.

Mediterranean Sicily Med Sea Amalfi Coast Positano

The Olive Tree is an ancient symbol of this region – from Spain all the way to Turkey. The Olive Tree is known as a symbol of strength, and intelligence. Of wisdom, peace, and prosperity.

In a battle of survival with the elements of the Mediterranean – poor, rocky soil, dry conditions, and relentless heat – the Olive Tree thrives.

It is known for its tenacity and ability to grow virtually anywhere. Many consider them indestructible – as they can even regenerate after a fire. Hence, they were considered sacred to the ancient communities of Greece. A symbol of the city of Athens, Olive Trees have long been revered as a source of nourishment, shade, and medicine.

Olive Grove Olive Tree Italy Greece Mediterranean Med Sea Spain France Turkey Croatia
Olive Grove Olive Tree Italy Greece Mediterranean Med Sea Spain France Turkey Croatia

I see a metaphor here between the Olive Tree and the experience of travel. Absolutely, we must be tenacious when we travel. Things can, and will, not go as planned, and we must remain flexible and willing to adapt to our surroundings.

When we travel, we are nourishing our mind, body, and spirit. We strengthen ourselves and, many times must exhibit strength – strength in spirit, in courage, and in the discovery of the unknown.

When we travel, we gain wisdom. We become conduits for peace and understanding, bridging gaps between cultures, and forging friendships never possible without it.

Through the privilege of travel, we have the whole world at our fingertips.

Which leads me to Atlas. Of course, most of us know that an Atlas is a collection of maps. But, this word comes to us in honor of Atlas, the famous Titan in Greek mythology.

The short story of Atlas is that he is the Titan of endurance, strength, and astronomy (hmm, do some of those traits sound familiar?). Possessing immense intelligence and the skills and strength to combat even Hercules, Atlas fought with the Titans in the battle against the Olympians. As punishment for his role in the battle, Zeus condemned Atlas to carry the weight of the celestial skies on his shoulders, forever.

Atlas brand name meaning Greek Mythology Maps

This is where we get the phrase “carry the weight of the world on your shoulders”. And doesn’t travel do just the opposite? The skills of Atlas – strength, endurance, intelligence – are honed through the experience of travel.

And when we travel, we have the opportunity to do what Atlas so badly desired – remove the weight of the world from our shoulders, leave the stresses and responsibilities of our daily life behind, if only for a short while.

So, what is the significance behind the brand name Olive & Atlas? And what does it mean to our travelers?

Olive & Atlas is inspired by the evocative culture, heritage, and landscapes of the Mediterranean. It signifies the allure and magic of maps and mythology. Olive & Atlas represents a promise of adventure, discovery, imagination, and wisdom.

It is a commitment to cultural and culinary immersion, the love of the sea and the sun, and the strength and endurance in all of us as we seek enriching journeys that challenge us beyond our comfort zones.

Thank you for being a part of our journey! If you’re ready to experience the difference of traveling with Olive & Atlas, please fill out our inquiry form here!

Brand New Look & Website: What’s in a Name?

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