If you are landing on this page after perusing our website and checking out Meet Angela or our 7 Travel Tenets to Live By, then you’ll already have a bit of an idea of just how much I adore Italy.

Italy is my ancestral home. Its 20 regions each have their own special flavor and defining characteristics. While you’ll always find quintessential Italian warmth and hospitality no matter where you go, each region will leave you with a distinct impression on their food, their landscape, and their unique cultural anomalies.

That’s why it’s so important to give each region their due! Sure, the big cities and major sites of Rome, Florence, and Milan are fantastic! But beyond them, in the villages, and hamlets, and towns – in the local neighborhoods and down the tiny streets, that’s where the magic lies.

Tuscany is one of these regions.

Tuscany Chianti Wine Region Florence

Famous for the incredible Renaissance city of Florence, and its impeccable wines and stunning countryside, Tuscany deserve so much more than 2 days on an itinerary. That’s why we’ve created this immersive food & wine journey through Tuscany where we spend 8 days outside of the big city discovering the hidden gems and local secrets of the region. From the small village of Radda in Chianti, to the hills of Cortona and through the breathtaking Val d’Orcia – this is Tuscany at its finest. Click to discover it!

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Tasting Tuscany: an immersive food & wine experience

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