through custom travel experiences that
inspire, fulfill, and enrich lives.

Olive & Atlas connects travelers with the world’s most fascinating destinations 


Our thoughtfully crafted itineraries are inspired by you, designed to help you connect and engage with vibrant destinations across the globe without the stress of planning your milestone vacation.

We engage travelers and cultivate curious, compassionate citizens through immersive experiences that move the soul.

Why Olive & Atlas?



Inspired by the culturally evocative heritage and landscapes of the Mediterranean, as well as the allure and magic of maps and mythology, Olive & Atlas represents a promise of adventure, discovery, imagination, and wisdom. It promises cultural and culinary immersion, the love of the sea and the sun, and the strength and endurance in all of us as we seek out enriching journeys that challenge us beyond our comfort zones.

Your Travel Designer.

. . . those specific moments along the journey where you saw, felt, tasted, heard, and touched in ways that moved you, imprinting onto your heart and soul forever.

If you're like me, some of your happiest and most vivid memories come from your travels...


Travel is my ragione di vita as much as my raison d’etre.


Your time is valuable, and vacations spent with loved ones are too few and far between to let even a moment of your time together go to waste. You’re juggling all the things and don’t have the time it takes to commit to planning that stellar trip. 

As travel designers and advisors, we’ll take your vision and enhance it, so you can see more, do more, and feel more— all without having to worry about a thing. 

From the initial discovery call to your return home, my goal is to offer you a seamless planning experience that will delight and excite you along the way, while saving you time, frustration, and uncertainty. Our promise is to deliver custom, bespoke itineraries inspired solely by you and all of the unique qualities that make you you.

As an experienced world traveler and travel designer, I help you discover destinations beyond the ordinary, seeking stories and pursuing memories that leave an indelible mark on the soul.

Hi, I’m Angela.

[ reason for living ]

Ragione • di • vita

Raison • d’etre

[ reason for being ]


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get to know me even better. Learn about my travel philosophies and favorite things...adventure awaits!

I can't quite pinpoint the exact moment the travel bug hit,

but I think it was somewhere between becoming enchanted with England on my first transatlantic trip— where I came home with an unconvincing British accent— and my first trip to Italy, which was a whirlwind of Roman relics, Florentine Renaissance masters, Venetian mysteries, and Sorrentine sunshine. As I made my way further south, it was like arriving home to my heritage.

You see, Italy runs through my veins. As a child of Italian parents, I am inspired by and dedicated to the cultural anomalies of Italy, made up of a commitment to family, friends, and relationships, an insatiable appetite & desire for amazing food and wine experiences, and a love for the finer things in life.

That generous, genuine warmth is signature to Italian hospitality and can still be found in my Mother's home today, where a gathering for 10 can easily feed 20, and we'd all still get leftovers.

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"where's the best gelato in Rome?”.

These characteristics touch everything I do, and play a special part in my role as a luxury travel designer. I truly believe travel is its own form of magic, which is why I’ve made my way to 5 continents and 28 countries. With travel experiences in the same destinations you’re about to embark towards, I promise to get as giddy and enthusiastic about your trip to Bali, Machu Picchu, or Thailand as I would my very own vacation!

Wherever you are headed, we'll send you to the best restaurants (well-known or best-kept-secret),  introduce you

to knowledgeable local guides, secure your VIP access to museums and cultural monuments, unearth local secrets, and make sure you never waste a second having to Google 

Here, you’ll never find stale, pre-packaged vacations. I am committed to meticulously crafting thoughtful travel experiences that reflect your dreams, desires, & goals. Clients— who almost always become friends— can expect consistent, above-and-beyond service and travel moments that make you come alive.


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Your best memories happen on vacation. Spend it somewhere truly magical.

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Being a part of your travel journey is an honor.

I value your trust, honor your vision, and design your itinerary as if it were my own. My goal is to give you both the anticipation of an incredible vacation and an adventure that leaves you with countless memories of awe-inspiring food, experiences, and people. Get ready for an unforgettable vacation.