French Riviera Cote d'Azur South of France

Ahhh…the French Riviera! Is there any place in the world that brings to mind glitz and glamour quite like it? One of the most alluring regions of France, the Cote d’Azur is home to extraordinary cuisine and wines, charming villages, the shimmering sea, and the glamorous municipality of Monaco.

But the French Riviera is just one of the jewels of the South of France.

The spectacular countryside of Provence – known as the Luberon – is home to rolling green hills of vineyards, purple fields of lavender, and some of the world’s most charming hilltop villages. Provence’s sun-soaked medieval villages are rich in history. They host some of the best Roman ruins outside of Rome itself, and delightful Avignon has a storied past and impressive palace as a former papal city in the 14th century.

The beauty of the South of France has been recreated in masterpieces by many of the world’s most influential artists including Picasso, Van Gogh, Cézanne, and Matisse. When you combine the awe-inspiring landscapes with the rich and flavorful cuisine and impeccable wines, it is certainly a winning combination for a once-in-a-lifetime vacation.

Between the charming manor homes in Provence and the elegant grand-dame luxury hotels in the Riviera, this is a perfect place to celebrate a romantic milestone escape, such as a honeymoon or anniversary.

This 12-day itinerary combines a completely immersive stay into both the luxury and grandeur of the Riviera and the hearty tastes, smells, and flavors of authentic Provence. Find your joie de vivre this way!

If you’re ready to bring your dream honeymoon to life, simply start an inquiry here!

French Riviera & Provence Culinary Honeymoon

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